MovE Beyond Cancer


A special course for women living with cancer

Find inspiration, insight and peace in your everyday and reclaim your path to health and healing.  Join cancer survivor and yoga teacher, Natja Wunsch, for a very special class series designed  for women who are living with cancer.

These sessions will support you to cultivate a sense of empowerment and balance. You will learn tools and techniques to assist you to better manage the physical and emotional effects of cancer, and find a way of living a more fulfilled life.  You will connect with other women who are on a similar journey, who may also be lonely, tired and overwhelmed.

In this 5 week class series you will:     

  • Explore yogic breathing practices to quieten the mind, relieve fatigue, and alleviate stress

  • Enjoy gentle movement to stimulate lymphatic drainage, strengthen and mobilise the body and reconnect with self

  • Experience the healing power of mantras (sounds) and mudras (hand gestures)

  • Relax with the ancient and powerful practice of deep relaxation

  • Cultivate clarity and focus with mindfulness

The next course will run from Mon 11 November to Mon 9 December 2019 1.45pm to 3.00pm.  Investment: $180

This class is suitable for all women at any stage of a cancer journey. We are skilled at helping you to modify the movement practices to suit any physical limitations you may have. We understand fatigue and overwhelm and have created a safe, nurturing space where you can simply be


Your Teacher, Natja Wunsch

Natja is an inspired and experienced Yoga Teacher and a specialist in teaching yoga after cancer. Having faced breast cancer herself, Natja understands what it is to walk this path. Her mature and nurturing approach and insider perspective make her  perfect guide for this six week journey.