Our life is like a seed. Because inside every tiny seed is unseen potential - the promise of the mighty tree within. But this tree can only begin to sprout and grow if it is planted in fertile soil and nurtured with water and sunlight.


Much like this seed, we can only begin to grow and transform - to realise the potential within us - when the conditions are right. 

At Seed Yoga + Wellness, we believe that yoga is a vehicle to help you rediscover freedom of movement and mind, cultivate strength and mobility in the body, improve quality of breath and enhance your peace of mind. 

We believe that regular and dedicated yoga practice will help you realise that you are capable of more than you thought possible.

We have created an inspiring yoga studio in leafy Blackburn.  An environment in which you, like a seed, can grow. Our caring and experienced teachers will guide you through a range of yoga classes designed to suit every body. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner (or somewhere in between), Seed Yoga + Wellness has something for you.

Together, #letsgrowwiththeflow. 

Co-Founders, Lisa Allwell & Sharon Spencer

Yoga classes in Blackburn will help you grow and transform.