Katherine Donato

Katherine teaches Seed Slow Flow

I began my yogic journey 10 years ago exploring Hatha and Bikram yoga lineages with a regular practice.  Two beautiful children later and a long successful career in Marketing and Event Management, I found myself yearning for the sense of serenity and peace that a yoga practice afforded me.  After much contemplation, I found the courage to complete studies in both Hatha and Yin Yoga giving me the ability to share what I adore so much with others.  My practice and knowledge continues to expand as a self-confessed devotee of yoga workshops, literature and playdates with my yoga pals.

What can we expect in your seriously awesome yoga classes?

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ and ‘union with the divine’. With this meaning permanently etched in my heart, Yoga has become my playground. 

My intent is to create an environment that gives us time to share in a contemplative practice using breath and meditation, physical expression through asana, and nourishment with relaxation.  Enjoy in the sense of community with other like-minded yogis, from novice to the advanced.  Let’s play!

Why do you like this yoga thing anyway?

Who wouldn’t rather don fancy patterned active wear and bare feet as their daily uniform over a stuffy suit and a pair of high heels (Christian Louboutin exempt of course)?  Yoga gives me the ability to feel bendy, stretchy and softly, softly.  What does that mean?  Come and do one of my classes and you’ll find out!

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