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Perfect Harmony: Finding Yin within Yang

Spring and Summer are and ideal time to honour the sun in all of its glory and acknowledge the infinite source of light within ourselves. As we move into these Yang seasons we feel motivated by the warm weather to increase our physical and social activity. This is the nature of our Yang, but how do we take care of our Yin energy and remain grounded during the most active part of our year?

Join Taryn Ipenberg for this  nurturing workshop. Together we will look at the qualities of both Yin and Yang, the importance the two polarities play within our lives and how we can make changes to create harmony between the two. We will work with the subtle energetic body, building heat during our Yang portion of the workshop with the use of Pranayama (breathing exercises) and a mindful vinyasa practice. With this building of internal heat comes a purification and removal of stagnant energy within the body. 

We will finish with a nourishing Yin and Meditation practice to restore the balance between both the Yin and Yang within, leaving us to feel steady and grounded, for our transition into the excitement of our Yang months.

Investment: $50


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