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Relax Restore Rebalance

It’s almost the silly season! Prepare for the busy-ness of December and warmer summer months ahead with a quiet and nurturing Yin + Yoga Nidra event led by Emily May. Immerse yourself in a practice to cultivate feeling light and spacious you so that you can approach the festive season with ease.

You will softly explore Yin poses aligned with the warmer months, with a primary focus on the Summer meridians of the heart and small intestine. In a deep Yoga Nidra we will explore the layers of your physical, energetic and mental bodies to prepare you for the warm Summer months. Our beautiful studio will be lit with candles, a reminder of the light within you.

Based on the Daoist view, the Heart encompasses the virtues of social harmony, peace, pleasure, joy, contentment, tranquility, and boundaries. As we manifest into our human form, we acquire emotions such as nervousness, excitement, shock, anxiety and heartache. By working with the heart meridian, you can experience the energies of order, forgiveness, and peace. Perfect for Christmas!

  In this immersion you will:

  • Experience a deep and nurturing Summer Yin Yoga practice exploring poses based on the heart and small intestine meridians to help restore your body’s energy

  • Energise your body and mind as we prepare for the silly season and the hot summer months ahead by silently melting and merging within and shifting from thinking and doing to feeling and beingin a profound and mindful Yoga Nidra experience

  • Finish with a chai and refreshments to connect with your fellow Yogis.

Investment: $50

Earlier Event: November 17
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