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Art + Soul: Connect to Your Intuitive Expression

Create your own piece of art in this unique workshop, combining meditation and art techniques to connect to your intuitive expression.

Meditation enables you to quiet your mind. In the stillness your intuition emerges and you connect to your true creative self. When you use your intuition, there are no mistakes or fear that you may do the wrong thing. The art emerges organically. The link between art and meditation also works in the reverse direction; creating art allows you to enter a meditative state.

The partnership between meditation and art is truly a connection to a world of limitless creative potential....

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 In this three hour guided art activity you will:

  • Begin with a guided meditation to tap into your wild creativity, to find your flow state

  • Spend a blissful two hours creating and playing with alcohol inks. You will find this process fascinating and calming. You will surprise yourself with the masterpieces you create! 

  • Find relaxation and inspiration

  • Come home with many pieces of art, with your favourite framed

As you explore the ink art process, there will be decisions for you to make along the way. Decisions generally involve your rational mind. We will show you how to connect back to your intuition to ensure that your art pieces are a unique reflection of you. There are no mistakes in the creative process - whatever you create was meant to be!

·      No experience necessary, this is art for people who think they can’t do art!

·      Guaranteed fun and fascination (and a new addiction to ink art!)

·      All art materials are supplied.

·      Wear comfortable old clothes you don’t mind getting a bit of ink on.

Investment: $90

 About Kerrie Jacobs: Kerrie is a Melbourne based artist with a studio in Surrey Hills. Meraki Art specialises in Resin, Inks, Acrylics and Mixed Media. All artwork, homewares & Jewellery are one off originals, no two are ever exactly the same. Kerrie loves the unpredictable nature of Resin and Inks, the colour, texture and chaos it creates! On the other hand Kerrie loves the structure and predictability of Acrylics!

About Lisa Allwell: Lisa is an ace yoga and meditation teacher and the co-founder of Seed. She once did a degree in Fine Art at University of Melbourne, which she has never used…until now.