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Mindful Mamas: A four week Mindfulness course for Mothers

Mama, do you feel like there's never enough time for you in the day? 

Are you constantly rushing from one thing to the next, feeling out of control and chasing your tail?

Does the mental load, exhaustion, self-doubt and overwhelm of motherhood get the better of you sometimes?

Do you crave a greater sense of balance and calm for you and your family?

Mindful Mamas is a 4-week class series to increase your parenting confidence, reduce and prevent feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion so you can experience more ease and joy as a parent. 

You will learn the foundations of being a mindful mama by:

  • Exploring your personal parenting values and styles

  • Identifying realistic goals and heart centred intentions

  • Fostering greater self-awareness and self-compassion 

  • Understanding the relationship between mindfulness and self-care

  • Developing skills in reducing stress and emotional reactivity to common parenting triggers

  • Empowering yourself with skills to foster your child’s emotional development and resilience

  • Practising mindfulness based techniques and meditation across the 4 weeks

  • Connecting with other like-minded parents

This series is suitable for mothers at any stage of the journey, including mothers to be. The short course will provide you with the sacred space to re-connect, restore and tap into your inner wisdom so you can be the parent and person you seek to be.

Simone Russell is an occupational therapist, life + mindfulness coach with a passion for empowering others to live more mindfully, experience greater joy, inner peace and ease in daily life. After becoming a mother in 2017, she has benefitted from using her mindfulness practice to navigate the endless sleepless nights, everyday challenges (and marathon!) of being a working mother as well as savour the incredible joy.

Investment: $180