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Simple Sacred Everyday: Creating your own home practice

Do you pay regular visits to yourself? ~ Rumi

Always wanted to create a home yoga practice but just don’t know where to begin?

Wanting to bring meaningful ritual into your day to cultivate self care and connection?

Looking to bring pockets of calm and balance into your every day?

 For many of us, the noise and busyness of life coupled with inherited conditioning and the stories we tell ourselves often leaves us feeling tired, disconnected and overwhelmed. To alleviate these feelings, we often look outside ourselves in a futile attempt to self-soothe and create some sort of meaning and understanding in our lives.

Join passionate home practice advocate, Sharon Spencer, for an inspiring afternoon of insightful and practical tips on how to create your own home yoga practice, and how to cultivate a sense of connection and simple sacredness in your every day.  Sharon’s home practice has completely transformed her life and she wants to share what she has learnt so you can do the same!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Unearth your ‘Inner Mentor’ – who is the ‘self’ that you are wanting to reconnect to?

  • Explore the power of Prayer – setting an intention for your practice;

  • Unpack the nuts and bolts of a home practice, including how to create a simple sequence using yoga poses, Somatic movement, breathing, and meditation;

  • ·Experience a sample practice;

  • Take ‘Sharon’ home with you with exclusive access to yoga and somatic videos led by Sharon, helpful notes and resources to support your practice.

 This life is a gift and in order to live with joy, confidence and purpose, we need to make the time for inner reflection and care. Join Sharon for this special event and rediscover the simple sacredness of your every day.

 Investment: $55


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