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At Seed Yoga + Wellness we blend traditional teaching with an innovative modern approach to help you find lightness, vitality and balance both on and off the yoga mat. Find out more about our range of yoga classes below and choose the one that suits you.



Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for Beginners

We put the fun in fundamentals in this alignment-based class that is perfect for beginners as well as those who want to refine their practice.

In this relaxed, ongoing four-week program, we’ll teach you the yoga basics: 

  • Week 1: Flow Fundamentals

  • Week 2: Standing poses, balances

  • Week 3: Twists, backbends

  • Week 4: Forward bends and inversions

In each class you’ll learn about pranayama breathing techniques and explore the benefits of relaxation. These classes will help you to build the foundations for a solid practice and give you the confidence to try other classes at the studio.

Our one-month introductory pass is designed so that you can participate in all four weeks of this series. There’s time to ask questions and get clear about yoga foundations so that you can grow with the flow.


slow flow

Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for Beginners

Perfect if you are looking to unwind and recharge, This class is a mellow flow that cultivates awareness, strength and mobility through slow, focused movements with attention to breath and alignment. The class includes floor work, mindfulness and a focus on relaxation. 

Expect to be guided through a nurturing practice that will begin with pranayama breathing techniques before transitioning through a sequence of postures. Depth and complexity are layered to lengthen and strengthen major muscle groups.


YOGA flow

Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for students with some yoga experience

A dynamic, flowing practice to build strength and agility. Expect to create heat from the inside out. This class has a focus on finding balance and freedom within poses, leaving you feeling mindful, strong, and wildly empowered. 

You will be guided through creative and inspired sequences that will begin with relaxation and breath work before moving into a dynamic, flowing standing sequence, a wind-down sequence and finishing with everyone’s favourite final relaxation, savasana.



Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for Beginners

A tranquil class to help you truly stop for a while. Yin yoga is a deep, slow and often profound practice. Integrated in the longer, more passive holds is a meditative awareness of breath, mindfulness and presence. 

This class targets the connective tissues of the body - the tendons, fascia and ligaments - with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. You will emerge feeling soft, tranquil and open. 



Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for Beginners

A beautiful yoga practice using an intelligent mix of yoga postures, somatic movement, breath work and meditation to cultivate ease of movement and freedom of mind. This specialty class is ideal if you are looking for a gentle practice, returning to yoga after a long break, recovering from injury, illness, or if you have mobility issues. Modifications are offered for those students who cannot get down on the floor.

This restorative class is gentle and nurturing, cultivates strength and mobility in the joints and tissues of the body, while giving attention to the breath and incorporates meditative practices.

Chairs and other props are available to support the practice.



Duration: 75 mins
Suitable for students with at least 3 months experience in Flow classes

  • Week one = Arm Balances 

  • Week two = Inversions 

  • Week three = Backbends + Twists 

  • Week four = Transitions + finding freedom in movement

Each week we’ll get playful, laugh with new friends, work on building strength and flexibility, and workshop an intermediate or advanced pose. Join us in an invigorating practice of community, connection, and a whole lot of fun!

Learning to balance in crow? Or ready to take flight in headstand?
Keen to learn how to integrate advanced poses like these in your regular practice?

Join us for a 75-minute mindful sweaty flow, working towards intermediate and advanced practices. This workshop style class will cater to your individual practice, with plenty of time to ask questions, and for one-on-one instruction. The practice will include optional adjustments by highly qualified and experienced teachers, and optional partner work. We'll follow a four-week schedule so you can plan your life around your fave poses. These classes are designed for you to drop in on any (or every!) week.


Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for Beginners

Our weekly drop-in meditation class takes you through a variety of meditation practices, techniques and traditions to help you find a practice that resonates with you. The class is conducted both seated and lying down, and all props are provided.

It has been scientifically proven that a regular meditation practice to helps you sleep more soundly, reduce tension and anxiety, and equip you to respond to the stressors of daily life with skill and awareness.


Release + Yin

Duration: 60 mins
Suitable for Beginners


This Friday night class is the perfect end to your working week. Expect a blend of mindful movement which aims to re-educate the body how to move freely, easily and naturally by fostering a deep sense of bodily sensations and movement from within.

This gentle, mostly floor based somatic movement is combined with a nourishing yin yoga practice. Expect to leave feeling refreshed and calm, ready to start your weekend. Perfect!


teen YOGA

Duration: 60 minutes

Designed perfectly for teens, these classes are designed to introduce younger people to the calming effects of yoga, breathing practices and mindfulness. Classes include yoga postures and movement to cultivate confidence, body awareness, strength and mobility.

They also include breathing practices and mindfulness to build an inner capacity to deal with life’s challenges, and deep relaxation to help teenage bodies and minds to rest and reboot. No previous experience is necessary.


kids YOGA

Duration: 45 minutes

Yoga fun for healthy young bodies and minds. Perfect for primary school aged children, these playful classes weave together yoga poses, simple breathing practices and relaxation techniques through music, stories, creative arts, yoga games, visualisations and relaxations, to work therapeutically with growing bodies and minds.

Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. It can also help anxious children learn relaxation techniques that will help them deal with the stresses of life.