Our Prenatal Yoga 6-week course is a carefully designed pre-natal program where we explore and nourish our inner wisdom. We journey through breath, movement, meditation and sound (and herbal tea!) to tap into and be supported by our inner guidance.


Becoming a mother prompts a transformation so profound - a shape shifting into a new state of being. Through the birthing into Motherhood, we uncover the absolute strength and power that comes with being a woman. We step into an 'ancient archetypal force' and a journey of discovery that women in all time have journeyed on. Pregnancy is such a special time to gather with other women.

We have no plans to run prenatal yoga for the remainder of 2018, but plan to start again next year. Please email us your expression of interest.

Week 1: Basics and Standing poses. Begin to find mobility and breath - guided with safety and a personal approach. Build your prenatal practice with ease and assistance.

Week 2: Lateral space and relief. Find space to breathe and move into the sides of the body. Create room to move with your baby, release tightness and promote calm.

Week 3: Find your flow. Move and breathe into modified pregnancy sun salutations. Explore your growing baby and changing body - easing tightness and moving together. 

Week 4: Stability and support. Gentle twists and folds for everyday movements in your changing body. Mindful movement and making space. 

Week 5: Strength and softness. Find stability and prepare to soften through the pelvis and lower back. Refresh with gentle movement, breath work and guided meditation.

Week 6: Rest and recharge. Restorative movement, deep relaxation and supportive props. Take home practices to comfort, promote rest and prepare for birth. 


No previous yoga experience necessary and please get clearance from your health professional before attending your first class with us. Rebates for this course may be available from your health fund.