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Balancing Your Inner Worlds: A Yin and Myofascial Release Immersion with Vanessa Hollo

“Every path has a purpose.

Every path has a method

Every path has a result”
Sarah Powers

Would you like to feel more balanced or find some deep release and rest?
Have you wanted to know more about the deeper contemplative practices of yin yoga?

We all carry tension in our bodies. We all experience stress. The way we sit or stand, repetitive movements, and modern living all contribute to discomfort or anxiety. Yin yoga can have a profound effect on our general sense of wellbeing. Maybe you are curious as to why?

Your fascial network is like a scaffolding throughout your entire body. Myo refers to muscle and fascia is the network of connective tissue that is like a superhighway of information, allowing you to sense or know where you are in space and to influence how body sensations travel to the brain. In Yin yoga we view this network also as a highway of vital energy- Prana or Qi and learn to create shapes (asana) that directly affect this system, waking up and transforming our inner world.

Combining yin with myofascial release can directly target places of accumulated stress and tissue tension, (sometimes called trigger points). In this deep, slow and contemplative 3 hour immersion we will use a variety of soft balls to target trigger points, gentle movement and longer held reflective yin shapes. The pairing of these two modalities offers an effective technique to help restore feelings of ease and release thus balancing our inner world.

In this Yin Immersion you will:

  • Learn more about the energetic and contemplative practices of yoga whilst exploring slow, gentle yin shapes

  • Explore the use of a variety of soft balls on and over various areas of the body in order to create greater freedom in your movement, breath and wellbeing.

  • Leave feeling rejuvenated, spacious and alive to the awareness within.

  •  De-clutter your mind with deep relaxation to create space for new beginnings.

3 hours seems like a long time, but trust us, you will feel so refreshed and it will fly by!

If you are pregnant, please get your Doctors permission before attending.

Investment: $55