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Chanting + Mantra with Jacinta Percy, the Sound Weaver

An invitation to come, sit in silence and explore the sacredness of your voice using Indian yogic sound practices - nada yoga, mantra and chanting. These practices have been used as vehicles to quieten the mind, transform energy and connect deeper into the mystery of inner silence and wisdom for centuries.

 In the yogic texts, they share with us that the pure essence of our nature is energy and vibration, and all vibration is sound. Therefore, our cells, organs, body, mind and spirit are vibrating fields of sound.

 In most cultures and traditions chanting and hymns were vital to the wellbeing of the community. Over the centuries in the west, popular music became the main focus, and only a singer on stage was allowed to sing. Singing became a competition and the traditions of singing and sounding together got lost.

 This workshop is for you to remember that your very nature is music and that your voice is the most beautiful and honest instrument you have, that you are a unique instrument but also part of the whole. 

 The Practice:

  •  Intention setting

  • Nada Yoga - the connection between sound, silence & vibration

  • Embodied voice practices to uncover your natural voice

  • Seed mantras - invocations to the Goddess

  • Kirtan - devotional chanting

  • Gratitude

About Jacinta

Jacinta Percy - The Sound Weaver is devoted to exploring the mystery of sound, resonance, breath, stillness and song. At the young age of 24 she was invited to teach and guide others, she continues to follow this path 12 years on, teaching private singing & music lessons and facilitating various sound workshop. Her belief that we all need to sing, sing with courage, sing with joy, sing to mama earth, uncover our greatness and shine forth our potential into the world is what inspires her to share her love and passion with all.