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Chakra Balancing Workshop with Lisa Allwell

Are you curious about the 7 energy centres in the body? Do you know how each area corresponds to various moods, emotions, ailments or strengths? Wondering how you can use this information your body is sending to promote and enrich your good health and healing? This workshop is for you!

Tradition and ancient yogic wisdom teach us that the seven basic chakras exist within the subtle body and the meridians (energy pathways). Western physiology and psychology speak of the seven major nerve ganglia, the lines of connective tissue and the emotional components of human physiology. So, whether your approach is traditional or modern, you can come to a full experience of the chakras through your practice of yoga.

Join Lisa Allwell for a 2.5 hour workshop to find balance in your energetic and physical body through working with the seven chakra centres. We’ll move through a series of yogic healing techniques that are specifically sequenced around the chakra system. These techniques include:

·       Restorative + yin yoga postures

·       Sound therapy and mantra

·       Meditation

·       Pranayama (breathing techniques)

·       Visualization techniques

·       Aromatherapy

The first section of the workshop will include a dharma talk where we will explore the attributes of each of these seven energetic wheels from the root to the crown. Followed by a yin yoga practice where you will learn how to cultivate balance throughout these chakras in your daily life. You will leave with a greater understanding of the psycho-somatic connection in your body, as well as different techniques to restore and achieve balance on your own.

We will finish with an afternoon tea and a chance to connect with our community. You will leave feeling restored, refreshed and yes, blissful!