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Creating Calm: Holiday Yoga workshop for Teens

‘You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf’
Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices have been proven time and again to help students manage the pressures they face in their every day life.  Resilience, improved focus, better sleep and increased confidence are just some of the many documented benefits these practices can bring.

‘Creating Calm’ is a carefully designed and practical workshop to introduce teens to simple yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to help them better manage the complexities of their daily life.

In this fun and interactive workshop, our passionate Teens  yoga teacher, Despina Sertis, will guide your teen through these transformative practices.  Your student will come away from the workshop armed with new tools and knowledge on how to cultivate calm, create a positive mindset and reconnect with their innate stillness within.

In this workshop, your teen will:

  • Learn how the stress response affects the mind and body

  • Understand how yoga, breathing and meditation practices can help rewire our brain to better manage stress

  • Experience a flowing yoga practice to iron out body tension and clear the mind

  • Connect with others through fun partner and group activities

  • Learn a life changing breath practice to bring calm and focus

  • Explore the foundations of a simple meditation practice

  • Enjoy a soothing guided relaxation.

The session will close with time for students to reflect on how they can bring these practices into their every day as well as the creation of a personalised, stress busting essential oil roll-on blend to reinforce the benefits of their yoga and meditation practice.

Absolutely no previous yoga or meditation experience required!

 Investment $45