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Yoga for Fertility

Join the wonderful Taryn in this nurturing 2 hour workskhop, where you will explore how Yoga and Meditation practices can assist in supporting and enhancing fertility for women who are preparing to conceive. 

Yoga as a therapy to support fertility is recommended by fertility doctors, Chinese doctors, Ayuvedic doctors, Physiotherapists and Naturopaths. All of these practitioners agree that everyday stress and tension can have a negative impact upon our fertility health.

During this workshop you will:

- Explore the differences between emotional stress, environmental stress and chemical stress along with the impact they have on the physiology of the body. 

 - Learn how to offset the stresses associated with fertility challenges, which can interfere with the very hormones you actually need to conceive.

- Enjoy a specially designed Yin and Meditation practice to help you cultivate calm and balance in body and mind, realign the energetic pathways of the body, and encourage a flow of chi to to reproductive organs in preparation for conception.

- Be equipped with practical tools and practices so you can bring your new found knowledge into your every day.

- Connect with other women embarking upon a similar journey.

Investment $55.00