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Grateful Yogis: Holiday Yoga Workshop for 4-8 years

Pack all your favourite things because we’re off on a gratitude hunt!

In the Grateful Yogis class, little yogis will take a trip around the world. We’ll be stopping off along the way to find all the things we’re grateful for– families, friends, our body, brain, flowers, sky, water, nature, our heart and many more.

Led by our wonderful Kids Yoga teacher, Milena Zanetti, the class will incorporate yoga poses and stretching to promote strong muscles and focus, as well as breathing techniques to help quieten the mind. We’ll be practising meditation and discovering how mindfulness can help us keep our inner calm at school and at home when things start to get a little loud or confusing. 

 We’ll play lots of partner games to encourage trust and support, and we’ll let our creativity shine when we create our own special list of things that we’re grateful for to take home. 

This class is for children aged 4 to 8 years, and is cleverly designed to gently introduce young yogis to the techniques that can help them navigate any challenges that might come their way. 

Nurturing curiosity and promoting gratitude, this class will be a favourite amongst all young explorers!

Investment: $35